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                  Let us show you the 6 ways Frigbot reduces food waste, keeping your profit on the table!


You’re a business owner and a smart one at that, so our guess is that you’re ready to change your approach with Frigbot!

At BM Refrigeration Services, we handle your problems before they even happen. We understand that the longer a refrigeration unit is down, the higher the cost to your business. As a climate specialist, we can have your stock consistently chilled at the optimum temperature with Frigbot, twenty-four-seven real-time monitoring.


  1. Get access to your refrigeration status and configuration information from your computer, tablet or smartphone, wherever your location.
  2. No software to download! Frigbot is a cloud-based web application. Backups, updates and the like are all taken care of within the Frigbot cloud. Easy, right?
  3. Stay ahead with up to date tracking. The Frigbot Report can provide consolidated and updated operational data directly from your equipment to your device daily, weekly or monthly.
  4. With an effective reporting system, the Frigbot can tell you the current status of your equipment and provide you with a tool for fault finding and troubleshooting equipment malfunctions.
  5. Frigbot 24/7 monitoring unit allows you to log in and manage your configuration at any point in time. You can view, change and remotely update configuration settings from any location that gives you internet access.
  6. With the ability to measure electrical current in real-time and send temperature and time-based maintenance alerts, businesses can better minimize the impact of equipment downtime. Sending alerts via email or SMS to multiple recipients allows for faster response times and quicker repairs.



Don’t wait for your refrigeration equipment to fail.  Keep your cool with Frigbot.

Frigbot technology brings it all together. The people, the equipment and the data. Connecting a Frigbot cellular wireless device to your refrigeration equipment gives your business immediate access to appliance performance and quality control management in real-time.