Frequently Asked Questions.

My cool room and freezer room isn’t working – does it just need gas?

Answer: “There can be a lot of other reasons why your cool room and freezer isn’t working from issues due to not having regular servicing through to more complex issues around electronics or fan motors. You will need to organise an expert to take a detailed look.”


“My commercial Cool room is tripping the circuit breaker.

Answer: “A refrigeration mechanic can diagnose and replace all electrical components in the fridge or air conditioner. The biggest advantage of using a Refrigeration mechanic over electricians is the ability to handle refrigerants, which makes for a “complete” assessment of your Refrigeration or Air conditioning system. We often hear of clients who have called an electrician first, only to then have to call us when they can’t repair it. So, save your money and call us to avoid doubling up your service costs!”

“How often should I have my commercial cool room and freezer room serviced?”

 Answer: “We recommend commercial refrigeration plant be serviced every 3 months, but definitely at no longer than 6 monthly intervals. Proper maintenance will keep your walk-in operating reliably and effectively. Try to avoid propping the door open and turn off the lights every time you exit the cooler. Don’t stack items around the coil, as it needs plenty of air flow. Talk with our service team about regular inspections and tune-ups to keep it in top condition.

BM Refrigeration Services is your one-stop shop for all your commercial refrigeration needs. They provide professional and cost-effective design, sales, installation, repairs, and service for these systems. Contact them at 1300 669 353 to get started with the finest equipment and service in your kitchen.”


 “What is your warranty policy?”

Answer: “We back every commercial refrigeration Repair with one of the industry’s best limited warranties. Up to 12 months manufacturers on part and labour on the parts replaced during the repair.”