Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

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Hi Brendan

Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.

I was disappointed to have to replace the compressor on the main bench fridge having specifically asked you to provide regular servicing to the fridges to avoid a situation like that.

But, these things happen, and I have no problems with your response times and work completed.

I am sorry to say though – and I think you gathered this on the day – that I was unimpressed with you sliding a blank touch screen in front of me and saying “sign this”.

You should have given me an indication that this is the invoice, this is the work done, this is the amount due, etc etc. Maybe through our relaxed, friendly conversations, I gave you the impression I didn’t care how much it costs to fix the fridges. This is not the case. I am very serious about this job and about this café and the maintenance of the equipment.

Best regards

Reggie LawlessCafé CoordinatorBlue Mountains Cultural Centre